Thursday, September 10, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Morgan

Its no surprise that I've slowed down with updates again. This time, I can definitely tell you I was not slacking or being lazy. I've been hitting the streets nearly every day for almost a month, chatting up women about the shoots. So many gorgeous and receptive ones out there! Unfortunately, I have one very bad habit--I don't number close them. That means I give them my info instead of exchanging info. I definitely need to rework how I do things because too many hot ones are getting away because I drop the ball. Fortunately, my ad paid off, which was the way I met our newest everyday girl Morgan.

Morgan first sent a pic of her feet. Her arches were insane, and I really liked her toes...even more in person! I told her to send a face and body pic, and she sent recent, untouched pictures that floored me. We set a day to shoot, and I wound up traveling the second farthest ever for a girl. The farthest I traveled was to shoot with Nisette, which landed me a surprise shoot with her friend Mary just before she left for work. I tell you, I was so far away from home when I shot with Morgan, that when I walked into a highly-known grocery store, people looked at me as if I were an endangered species, or something. It was as if they saw Bigfoot!

Our shoot was a blast; Morgan was so bubbly and playful! I introduced her feet to a few new experiences, which you will see in her videos. If she weren't so far away, I would definitely shoot with her again.