Saturday, December 19, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Marilyn

There are times I do this, and it almost seems as though magic, fate, or some other universal force comes into play. I was just minding my business one morning when I received a mind blowing text. Three pictures appeared on my phone: the face of an angel, one with a super high arch, and one of the tops of her foot displaying her beautiful toes with black nail polish. I called her ASAP, and we talked about the shoot. She had a friend with a foot fetish who suggested she be a foot model. Two more pictures later came from her: a dirty sole picture, and one of her blue nail polished toes with her foot pressed against a guy's face. I didn't need any further any more proof she was legit. We agreed to shoot that same day. And that was how I finally got to meet our newest everyday girl Marilyn.

Marilyn suggested her place for the shoot. I am very wary about doing location shoots--too many stories of robberies or physical harm. So I made sure to keep my wits about me and carry protection. A Google image search of her complex showed a police car parked there, so I felt somewhat better about the trip. I doubted it was a sting. And if anything went down, the police was there.

We met, and she was super pleasant and courteous. I loved her place. The outward appearance of the complex sure contrasted from the inside of her apartment. I set up, and we began the shoot. My only issues were lighting and furniture props. I always have to improvise when I shoot away from home, and always with lackluster results, especially when its time for stills and doing the foot massage.

I hoped for Marilyn to have stinky feet, and she didn't disappoint. Her boots didn't have a bad smell, but her socks did. They were smelly, and her feet were stink and intoxicating! I couldn't get enough of smelling them! We had a good shoot, and she was already asking about doing another one as we did the interview video. That was definitely good news...for both of us!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Bella

Did you see the one that got away? It was a whopper!!! That was how I felt when I missed out on my first shoot with this phenomenal girl. She and a friend posted an ad, and I replied to it. The first time, we were going to shoot, I said I would pay her cab fare to me, but she would have to pay it back to her house. She told me she was on her way...then I never saw her. She also wouldn't answer my calls. I tried again, and this time, said I would come to her. But when I arrived, it seemed as if nobody was home, so I left. Then I get a text from her saying they just woke up. By then, it was too late, as I was on the way to see someone else. They tried to make me regret my decion by sending pictures of their feet and socks. After that, both of them disappeared from the pages of the Internet. And then, one of the times I thought about her...suddenly, there she was! And that was how I finally got to meet our newest everyday girl Bella.

Bella was a tall, beautiful, brunette who always wore socks in her pictures. I could think of how dirty they must have been. She told me she never had a pedicure, and her feet were nasty. That was before we lost touch. When we reconnected, she still said her feet were nasty, but she was totally proud of her huge, sock collection. This time, she had a ride, and almost as if fate were toying with me, she text me saying she could come over to shoot. It was in the evening, and a good time to do it. Unfortunately, I was asleep, and missed that marvelous text. The next day, we got it right, and she agreed to come to me. I thought she was blowing smoke up my tailpipe again, based upon the time lag between her saying she was on her way, and her ride was there. But then she showed, and we made up for lost time.

Talk about a girl who was stunning in her pictures. I hardly had to do any real editing them. She had a great time, and was happy we finally met and shot. Bella definitely wants to shoot again, and I would love to have her back.