Monday, February 02, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Missy

Until I make a few changes, I'll continue to hit the Internet for girls who would be down for a foot fetish shoot. One in particular appeared on my radar near the end of last year. I text and called, but found out she was too far away to come shoot. This went on for a while, mainly out of persistence. Another girl I contacted told me she would do the shoot simply because my persistence impressed her. Unfortunately, she too was too far away, even farther than the one I'm talking about in this post. One day, I checked online, and found the girl on my radar relocated, and that was how I finally got to meet our newest everyday girl Missy.

I saw Missy's pictures, and immediately noticed she had really high arches, even with her in a pose with her sitting back on her heels with her feet crossed under her. It seems my foot fetish ad piqued her curiosity because in her latest pictures, she posted one of her toes. They were amazing, and so was the image quality! That was it; I contacted her, and she was totally ready to shoot.

Like myself, Missy didn't have a vehicle. But she said she was close enough to take a cab without it breaking the bank. She even offered to let part of the shoot money go toward the cab fare. I told her I'd split the fare with her, and pay for her ride there, but she would have to pay for her ride home. 

Missy came over with what she had available, which was workout clothes and DC skater sneakers. Fine by me, except the hooded sweatshirt she wore was too bulky. Later, she took it off, and that made a noticeable difference. I knew Missy's feet had high arches, but I wasn't expecting them to be as high as they truly were. She said her insanely high arches were natural for the most part. We had a good shoot, and she was really glad we finally got together to make it happen.