Sunday, April 03, 2011

Quality Updates

Fans noticed we've done fewer updates those past months. Its true, we no longer update as much as before. The reason for that is because our objective is about quality over quantity. Any producer can whip out the old camcorder and go to work. But will his or her fans be happy with the results?

We would rather our fans check back to our sites and clip stores and see no updates than have them come back to see some whack updates that insult them. Its like going to your local grocery store to buy fresh produce. As the good merchandise dwindles, so do the sales. Thats understandable. But don't place an order, receive a crappy delivery of merchandise, and present it in the hope customers, especially loyal ones, will buy it. It will insult them, and show you don't care about them. A good grocery store will refuse a bushel of bruised peaches instead of displaying them.

This month, we are starting off strong. Miss AM is a beautiful blonde stunner who is a natural toe wiggler! She has very high arches, long toes, and ticklish feet. And when she laughs, she snorts! Miss AM is also an avid dancer, workout girl, and booty shaker. She had some very hot videos on Youtube. She is also selling her stinky workout sneakers, filthy socks, and worn flats to her fans. You can see them on our worn shoes page.