Friday, April 20, 2018

One New Everyday Girl - Pinky

I was on my way to South Beach to do a shoot with a travel model from Brooklyn, NY. While at the bus terminal, I saw a hip looking blonde wearing a tee, dark blue jeans, and boots. Now at first, I wasn't going to say anything to her. But then I saw she was catching the same bus I was, but going the regular way instead of the express way. So I went over, sat down, and asked her my favorite question, which was what size shoe she wore. And that was how I met our newest everyday girl Pinky.

Hey. Now you know there was more to the story than that. So here goes. Pinky told me she had a foot fetish, and did her own feet. She showed me a picture of her toes with different nail polish colors on them. She told me she did her own feet because she didn't want anyone else touching them. I heard that before, but went with it. Pinky was definitely excited and skeptical about the fact that someone would actually pay her to show off her feet.

While talking with her, my bus left. Darn! That put me behind. But the conversation was going so well, that I didn't care that much. She boarded her bus, and left before my next bus arrived. After I was finally on the bus, I received a text from her! I was shocked she responded so soon! So we text, and she told me no foot massage because she didn't like her feet being touched. I thought it was because she was ticklish, but as put it, she was "weird". That is usually a deal breaker, but I got past it for you guys! Then she told me she was going to come with her brother. Been there before, and one time it was good. The other time, it was bad.

Pinky text me about a day later, wanting to shoot out of the blue. That was a red flag. No notice usually means I was about to have some drama. And some drama, I had. Pinky wanted to come with a classy friend of hers who had "red bottoms". And of course, she wanted the friend to shoot too. I hadn't intended to shoot anyone that day, let alone two people. So her friend Blue called me, and she sounded as if she were on drugs, or had too much to drink. Blue told me she was on Xanax. That explained the slowness of her voice. But it also told me I was about to deal with more drama if I decided to shoot her too. Then Blue told me she had another girl who might want to shoot. Come on! I went from one to three. I sensed a trap, so I told her that I would just shoot the two of them for now, and she could come back another time with her other friend.

OK, so Pinky took the bus to her Blue's place, and they both drove over to me. When Pinky called me, her friend gave her grief and told her to give her "a minute". That didn't sound good. RED ALERT!!! Blue called me back almost 10 minutes later, and asked where to park. I told them I didn't see them, but still told her where to park. She adamantly disagreed with the place I told her. At that point, I was ready to pay them to leave! She told me she would park at Wal-Mart, and they would walk. I countered with the fact I was going to pay them money to leave. Of course, once she realized she was about to leave a lot of money on the table, she straightened up, and her voice sped up as well.

So I met them at a convenience store, and showed them the money. Blue was hesitant to park her car [a late model convertible M Series BMW] where I told her, and for good reason. Actually, she parked at a vocational school instead of Wal-Mart. We walked to my place, and all was well.

Blue complained about my apartment being hot and about the EDM music I played. She requested I shoot her by the A/C instead of the designated shoot area. And both girls wanted me to place the pay on a table so they could see it. Yeah right! Escorts make that request. And there would be no recourse if they pocketed the money and walked. So it stayed with me until we finished.

Blue went to the bathroom to take a call, and didn't come back. Pinky finished her shoot, and was waiting for almost half an hour. It got to a point she had to use the bathroom, but couldn't because Blue occupied it. Eventually, Blue let her in, and we found out her foot went to sleep because she was sitting on it while talking on the phone. Pinky helped her limp out of the bathroom, and then she went to use it. DRAMA!!!

After all was said and done, Blue wanted to be my business partner, and bring me girls to shoot. And Pinky wanted to come back for more shoots. Guys, I tell you, beating the bushes for girls is not easy. It is definitely a numbers game, and you may not get what you think you are getting when you initially meet these girls. Neither girl got a foot massage from me. I did sniff Pinky's feet and give them a quick kiss, but that was it. They were stinky just like her sneakers. Aaaah!!! I may be open to shooting with her again, but she has to relax more, dress the way I request, and come alone.


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