Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Biker Girls Feet Goodbye

In a week, Biker Girls Feet will no longer be on the Internet. We are going to let the domain name lapse and not renew it. The site did not do well, so years ago, we stopped updating it. We only left it up so fans of the Planet Girls and Workout Girls could see a few of their favorite girls on hot bikes. As of August 22, 2007, the domain will expire, and will be up for grabs to anyone that wants it.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Foot Massage or Foot Rub???

It is interesting to listen to the way men and women say things. Men say they are going to get some *%$$#, and women say they are going to get some--end of line. That is the reason I need to talk about these words, "foot massage" and "foot rub". What is the difference?

Women generally say they want foot rubs or got foot rubs. Men generally say they gave people foot massages. Is there something sensual or sexual about saying the word "massage", making women prefer to say "rub"?

One dictionary defined "massage" this way. That same dictionary defined "rub" this way.

In my opinion, most foot guys give foot massages. Guy that aren't into feet give foot rubs.

But in the end, you are the judge. Which do you give, foot massages or foot rubs?

The only way to get the answer to this is to ask a few women, and get their take on it.