Thursday, March 27, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Starr

This was a crazy day to say the least. I received a text from a girl who said she was one of Ava's friends. Ava told me she had two friends who wanted to do the shoot, so I figured she was one of them. I asked the friend to send me a picture of herself, and she said she had a simple phone with no camera. She wanted me to come see her, and decide for myself if I wanted to shoot her. Man, I do not like being put on the spot that way. It rarely works out. The last time a girl did that was when I shot Jill. She was stunning, so we shot the next day. Alright, getting back to the faceless friend situation. I decided to throw caution to the wind, even though the signs were there for me not to do that. My trip resulted in my meeting our newest everyday girl Starr.

While on my way to see this friend, who wouldn't reveal her name, I received a text from Ava. Ava had a totally different friend she wanted me to see, not the one who was texting me. Add to that, she didn't identify the friend, who later revealed herself to be Nikki. I reached the location where I thought Nikki would be, but she wasn't there. Instead, she was at home. Suddenly, Ava called me, and as we talked, her other friend got on the phone. It was confusing to say the least. They would alternate their time on the phone with me, and it was making me nervous and scaring me. Then Ava's friend called me. Meanwhile, Nikki kept texting me. Eventually, I understood I was dealing with three girls, and Ava's friend sent a picture of herself and of Nikki.

Unfortunately, that didn't totally solve everything. Ava's friend checked out, but I was blindsided by Nikki, who when I saw her, put the boy in tomboy. Starr hated her feet because they got stinky. Nikki hated her feet because she said they were hobbit feet. She wore a pair of very worn Nike sneakers with colorful socks. Her feet had a good arch, and unpolished toes. I actually liked Nikki's feet, but she was too into the boy look in terms of clothes, and also with her facial features. I opted to shoot Starr because she was closer to Ava than Nikki was. Nikki was dressed too sexy in her pink socks, so I had her dial it down a few notches. Before she did, she took off her boots to show me her dirty, stinky pink socks, and told me to smell one of them. She put her foot up to my face, and oh boy!

We had a decent shoot, but had to deal with limited space and props. As always, the girl can make or break the shoot, even if you have everything you want in place. Starr had attitude, dirty stinky socks, and feisty feet. Ava watched the whole shoot from just a few feet away. After I shot Starr, I couldn't help but want to get a whiff of Ava's black socks, which she wore with black slippers. I took off one slipper and sniffed her sock, and man oh man, it was super stinky! I told her I wish I could have shot her too.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Amanda

March is here, and its chocked full of fun stuff to see and do! Its March Madness, the month which airs the NCAA basketball tournament, which culminates in a NCAA basketball champion. Its St. Patrick's Day month, the month with the day when you get to see all type of hot, happy girls paint their fingers and toes green, dress in green, have fun, and get wasted. And last, but definitely not least, its college Spring Break, the month which is loaded with college girls from all over the country, wearing shorts, sundresses, and bikinis, showing off their feet in sandals and flip flops! Its early in the month, and I haven't gotten into any of those yet, but will. My big news for March is being able to introduce you to our newest everyday girl Amanda.

You should go back one post to take a good look at Ava because she plays an important part in this. When Ava came over to shoot, I got a brief look at who drove. I didn't get a good look, but from what I saw, she was beautiful! I said to myself, if only she was interested in doing this....But hey, I have to remain professional, so I didn't bring it up with Ava. After Ava's amazing shoot, I told her I wanted her to come back. It took three tries because of schedule issues, but on the third, I was ecstatic and very surprised when she text me to say the girl I saw was interested in doing the shoot. Let me explain. I was ecstatic because I didn't have to bring it up with Ava. She must have been a very good spokesperson about the shoot because the girl was on board without me inquiring about her. I was very surprised because Ava told me something almost unbelievable about the girl--she was her twin!

Amanda totally caught me off guard with her look because I've never shot twins before, just sisters in general. Amanda was really cool and super fun to shoot. Just like her twin, I definitely want her to come back, and just like her twin, so does she.