Saturday, August 10, 2013

One New Everyday Girl - Kameran

The phrase about the past being history, the future a mystery, and the present being a gift, is very much true. We can only live in the present. That present will soon become the past, as it simultaneously sets the motion for the future. Being in the present was the way I met our newest everyday girl, Kameran. I could not allow the moment to become a past I'd regret. At the same time, I could not guess at how the future would have in store. Let me explain....

I was in line at a store, waiting patiently to place an order. Finally, my turn came, and I did just that. Pretty much the moment this happened, I saw a pretty, tall, and statuesque girl come by the counter, grab some condiments, and walk away. At 6'0, Kameran's height first caught my attention, followed by her black flats. I figured she was on lunch, and would soon disappear. Hey, you would think its easy to spot a girl that tall, but trust me, I've been there, and its not. Some workplaces have employees who solely work out of public sight. You'll be lucky to see them come to work, or leave work. That was my experience with April. At 5'10, I saw her on her way to work, then she disappeared from sight for weeks. Pretty much the moment I gave up on running into her, she reappeared...along with one of her managers. You can read the story by scrolling down to "the cashier".

Getting back to Kameran, I told the employee handling the order, I'd be back. I had other items in hand, and between weaving in and out between other customers, I literally had my hands full. And with Kameran being so tall, her legs had a bigger stride than mine. Just as I was within earshot of her, the unthinkable happened, a lady riding a motorized scooter, knocked over a clothing display. Kameran helped put it up, but then it fell again. I didn't want to ignore the situation, and leave the woman in a jam, so I righted the display and hurried to catch Kameran! I got her attention, and she stopped dead in her tracks like I was one of her bosses, which was pretty cool because I was dressed more like a pauper than a prince. After I asked her shoe size, I used observation to start the conversation by mentioning her height, her eyes, and her fingers. I kept it super short because I didn't want her to lose lunch time. Let's say, the conversation was three minutes tops. Kameran said she wasn't "a foot person". I assured her she needn't be, so she said she'd call on her day off from work.

By living in the present, making a decision to affect the future, and not let the situation become a regrettable past, Kameran is now on the site. By the way, Kameran brought a friend of hers from work along. I'd seen her friend before, but didn't approach her because she had a mean look on her face. Come to find out, she was rather sweet, had a cute voice, and had on worn, black flats. She was super curious about the whole thing, and wanted to know how often I shoot, and if I had a foot fetish. Hmmmm, let's see if she ends up being one of the next new everyday girls I shoot.