Sunday, February 28, 2010

Barbie Update 3

Barbie was unlike any other beautiful blonde I'd ever seen! And for her shoe size to be 5 1/2, it was unusual for her to have ultra-high arches.
As always, it was super fun to shoot Barbie. This shoot was special for both of us, as it was the first time I ever tied anyone up, and it was her first time being tied up. As awesome as this shoot was, it was Barbie's last one. She and I were supposed to shoot one more time, and she was going to bring back a pair of very dirty white pumps she really didn't want to wear on camera. Barbie was down-to-earth, but very prim about certain things. Her attire was the most expensive I'd ever seen a girl wear. A pair of her shoes probably
more than everything you are wearing right now!
I didn't get to shoot her in those pumps because
she moved. Yeah, its always the good ones who move.
That is the reason you no longer saw Araceli or
The Homework Girl Jeni.

Maybe Barbie will come back to visit or to stay.
If she does, lets hope she is even more amazing than before!

China Doll Update

China Doll is one girl I will not forget anytime soon. I was blown away by her long toes, kinks in her big toes, and ultra-high arches. She also had some well worn shoes she brought along. Most memorable were her colorful high heels with major toe prints in them. It was fun shooting her. After everything was finished, I sent her pictures and video to her.

OK, we were supposed to shoot again, but I had to push it back until later. China Doll found out I wanted to shoot other girls before I shot her, and flipped out! She sent mean emails to me, but said everything would be OK if I shot with her. After those emails and one other, I decided to cut China Doll loose.