Friday, June 13, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Julie

It was time to hit the Internet after a super hot girl I met and shot at the Exxotica Expo 2014, gave me a patterned excuse for not being able to shoot. Prior to that, a girl I met, who was on jury duty, kept flaking on me. There are many interesting girls out there who are down for something new and different. That was how I met our newest everyday girl Julie.

I saw Julie online a few times, but didn't bother to contact her. She had a party girl look, and most party girls cringe at the mention of a guy with a foot fetish. Its just not part of their reality. But since I was rolling the dice, I decided to roll them her way. Julie called me back late that night, but I was asleep. After I saw the call, I text her to let her know I'd call her the next day. I called her, we talked, and she was totally down for the shoot. I loved her firm, Lauren Bacall voice!

Julie told me she had one pair of shoes, and they were worn. All her others she left at her old place. That was fine by me because they were just the shoes I wanted her to wear [based on her pictures], except they were suede instead of patent leather.

In person, Julie was a tall, statuesque site to behold. And her eyes were so blue, they were almost translucent! This was all new to her, so she kept her phone in hand the entire time. Once again, no problem. I did all I could to relax her and show her a fun time because her feet were just plain sick! They were practically perfect. They were also bright red and slightly dirty. And her toe wiggling was the fastest and best I ever saw. She had a wicked toe curl too.

Julie had fun, but was a bit overwhelmed by her first foot fetish experience. She did, however, give me her email so she could see her pictures. That was enough for me to hope she will come back when I call her.