Wednesday, August 24, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Brittney

The middle of June, my friend who helps me recruit girls did it again. There was a tall, athletic girl who had lots of energy and a good, upbeat attitude, that stood out to me. I don't know how he does his thing, but he is very good at it. Too bad he is married, or he would really go on a rampage! He approached her about it, and during her break, she went to the restroom, and sent two pictures of her feet to his phone. They were amazing to say the least! And that was how I met our newest everyday girl Brittney.

He gave me the message that she was down for the shoot, and wanted to know when she could do it. I told him in July, then met her personally, and told her the same. She was about to go on vacation [good and bad], and said July would be a better month for her. So she went, and came back home. I text her to let her know I was ready, but received no reply. One thing I know is not to be needy when it comes to women, so I left it at that. Whenever he would see her, he would ask about the shoot, and she told him she would still do it. At this point, both of us thought she flaked. He had another one ready to shoot, but someone got to her, and she balked. So we had to play it cool with Brittney. I told him to let her be, and I would text her one last time about it. This time [August], she replied, and we arranged a shoot day. Here is where the good and bad that I mentioned comes into the picture.

She came over after she went home from work to get her other pair of shoes. Unfortunately, she had no flats, which she told me she had originally. There was also another bomb she dropped, but much earlier. During her vacation, she lost the sport trainer sneakers I saw her wear one night. She must have really enjoyed herself for that to happen! OK, she caught an Uber over to my place, and all was good. Oh man, she had a pair of Vans that blasted my nose really good. She dreaded holding one of her shoes over my nose for my scrapbook photo. hahaha!

Brittney was a natural toe wiggler, and had incredibly high arches, which were totally natural. I could tell she had high arches from her pictures, although she shot them from the tops view. My friend told me he saw her slip her foot out of a sneaker one day, and he could see she had really high arches even though she was wearing socks. We had a fantastic shoot. I entertained her with some Uncle Drew and Spiderman basketball videos on YouTube. Uncle Drew had her totally fooled. Brittney had no idea who he really was. She was also digging the electronic dance music (EDM) I was playing during the shoot. I have to keep her info because it would be really fun to have her come back again!


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How tall is Brittney and how old is she? Does she still run track anymore? By the way, I just bought clips of her interview, foot worship, and massage! They were amazing! Is there any chance I could ever get to meet her? Is there any chance I could work with you guys?

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