Monday, August 08, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Tracie

Way back in March this year, it was Spring Break. As many of you know, I love to hit the beach for random candid stills and video. As I began my trip, I saw a group of career college students, and two stood out from the bunch. It led to a funny, but short story, but that was how I met our newest everyday girl Tracie.

I decided to wait until the girls came out so I could approach them about the shoot. As I waited, another girl came across the street, and went inside the store. I took note of her, but she was not on my radar. When the girls came out, I casually walked over to them to tell them about the shoot. They were interested, and Tracie told me her toes weren't done, then kicked off one of her moccasins to show me. Hey, anytime a girl outright shows her feet, it's a sign that she is down for it. I was about to explain further when the girl who was not on my radar, came out, and played mama bear. She got the girls in a rushed state, and said they all needed to get back to class. Mind you, she was the same as they were, but her personality type was the determining factor. They all fled across the street, and I saw my chances slip away. So I rushed behind them, and gave cards to one of the two girls I most wanted to shoot, which ended up being Tracie.

A few months later, I got a text from Tracie, asking if I still wanted to shoot. I didn't know which girl she was because mama bear didn't allow for any introductions. It surprised me to find out she was the one who kicked off her shoe. We arranged a day to shoot. She told me she was pregnant, but that wasn't new for me. I'd shot Coles and Tori while they were pregnant. Unfortunately, I never got to see who came out of their ovens. But whoever they were, they had two beautiful and fun mothers.

Tracie came over with her friend--the one who I wanted to shoot more than any of them. Yes! Tracie was full of energy and had no issue with her stomach showing. In fact, she wore a shirt to specifically allow it to show. She said she wanted some pregnancy pictures, so that was her way to do it. I admit, at first, I thought it was a bad idea. But as we shot, I saw the artistic beauty in it. If a girl is made up, and shows her stomach while in term, it can look phenomenal! Her friend acted as creative director. I wasn't sure how much Tracie could do, so I took it easy on her. Thanks to her friend, she floored me by getting into positions and moving in ways I couldn't imagine!

It goes without saying that we had a really good shoot. I entertained them with current music and music videos. And I introduced them to EDM, which Tracie really liked. Her friend did too. Tracie was a first timer to all of this, and never had any shoe or foot worship. I eased her into the latter by kissing her soles and toes as a reward. If I see her again, then I'll introduce her to toe sucking. One step at a time, and baby steps, no pun intended. Her friend wanted to shoot the next day, but I was so behind on editing, that I had to reschedule. Tracie said it intrigued her friend when I told her I'd see her later, but then turned her down for the next day. I told Tracie that her friend could've been first, but she was sheepish. So as a result, Tracie got the first shoot, and she will have to wait a while. Yeah, you have to be a jerk sometimes, but girls are used to it. Heck, many of them like it!

When I text Tracie to let her know I was ready for her friend, her phone was off, and stayed off for weeks. Luckily, another of their friends text me the day I shot with Tracie, and said she wanted to shoot. I agreed, and asked her to let Tracie know I was trying to reach her. Some days later, Tracie called me using the other girl's phone. She said she would have her friend call me, but I haven't heard from her yet. I think I know what this is. The girl whose phone is in service wants to make sure I don't skip her. So I don't get the friend unless I get her too. Man, girls can be shrewish and cunning big time because they school each other on this type of stuff. It's all one big game between guys and girls. If you want to win, you have to play. And unless you have certain given advantages, you need to practice--a lot. So on!


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