Saturday, May 20, 2006

Foot Close Ups

True foot admirers want to be as close to some foot action as humanly possible. Meaning if we cannot get feet in our face in person, we will definitely take a close up shot of a foot on our monitors or TV screens.

Among all the foot fetish styles of photography, the foot close up reigns supreme.

There is much to be said about being able to see the wrinkles of a girl's soles up close, the sleekness of a definitive arch, and the exacting details of the tops of her toes. Depending on the quality of the shot, and the size of it, a good close of a foot can make us imagine we are licking the girl's heels, caressing her soles with our tongues, and making her squeal with joy as we suck her toes.

Some of us do just fine with only seeing feet close up, and never seeing their owners. In some cases, its best not to see the owners.

Regardless of if we see the model, or not, the foot close up is still the most preferred method of foot photography. Think of it this way. Would you rather be in the nosebleed seats of a Danica Patrick race car event, or be so close to the track that you can smell the rubber burning she peels off?


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