Tuesday, January 12, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Ariel

Everyone needs help sometimes. In my case, I sometimes need help getting new girls to shoot. There is a guy I know who has such a way with women, he gets them to show him their feet while he is on the job! He even gets in a few foot massages with random women during his breaks. Thanks to him, I was able to shoot, Sandra, Ciara, and Toya. So I gave him a bunch of my cards, and let him do his thing. He told me about an amazon girl who was 6'0 with size 12 feet. I got a call from a girl, but it was not the one he gave the card. Apparently, she passed it off to another girl...one who I had no interest in shooting. But prior to her, he gave the card to a girl he said was really beautiful, and wore sandals when he saw her. Guess what? She called too! That was how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Ariel.

Ariel told me she got my card from a guy at a store who complimented her feet so much that she decided to try it. We talked, and found out we lived not to far from each other. After I made sure she had the right clothes and shoes, I was ready to shoot with her. She agreed to come one day that week, right after work. I didn't bother asking her to text me a picture because he said his other coworkers more than approved of her too. When Ariel arrived, she caught me off guard because she was 15 minutes early, and I was still napping. That was my fault for not setting my alarm. I scrambled to get dressed, and then went outside to meet her. It was then I saw what all the fuss was about. She was gorgeous!

She was difficult to read because she had a naturally stern look on her face, almost like the teacher in school all the children feared and respected. Every now and then, she would crack a smile, but not often. I admit, I was nervous. It had been a while since I'd done a shoot, so I was rusty. Plus, Ariel was rather intimidating. I made it through the shoot without going to pieces, and made sure she was OK with everything. I hope to have her back for another shoot. But as I said, she was difficult to read, so let's wait and see.


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