Saturday, December 19, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Marilyn

There are times I do this, and it almost seems as though magic, fate, or some other universal force comes into play. I was just minding my business one morning when I received a mind blowing text. Three pictures appeared on my phone: the face of an angel, one with a super high arch, and one of the tops of her foot displaying her beautiful toes with black nail polish. I called her ASAP, and we talked about the shoot. She had a friend with a foot fetish who suggested she be a foot model. Two more pictures later came from her: a dirty sole picture, and one of her blue nail polished toes with her foot pressed against a guy's face. I didn't need any further any more proof she was legit. We agreed to shoot that same day. And that was how I finally got to meet our newest everyday girl Marilyn.

Marilyn suggested her place for the shoot. I am very wary about doing location shoots--too many stories of robberies or physical harm. So I made sure to keep my wits about me and carry protection. A Google image search of her complex showed a police car parked there, so I felt somewhat better about the trip. I doubted it was a sting. And if anything went down, the police was there.

We met, and she was super pleasant and courteous. I loved her place. The outward appearance of the complex sure contrasted from the inside of her apartment. I set up, and we began the shoot. My only issues were lighting and furniture props. I always have to improvise when I shoot away from home, and always with lackluster results, especially when its time for stills and doing the foot massage.

I hoped for Marilyn to have stinky feet, and she didn't disappoint. Her boots didn't have a bad smell, but her socks did. They were smelly, and her feet were stink and intoxicating! I couldn't get enough of smelling them! We had a good shoot, and she was already asking about doing another one as we did the interview video. That was definitely good news...for both of us!


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