Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Himmarshee Street Live

Everything happens for a reason. Some months ago, I had some unexpected time on my hands. A number of ideas came to my mind within a brief span of time, so I was compelled to act upon them. Otherwise, they would go into the wishful thinking category. That was what Brian Tracy calls goals without actions taken--wishes. Another very powerful quote was from Les Brown. He said, "You can live your dreams or you can live your fears." Brendon Burchard and Gary Vaynerchuk strongly advocate starting what you want to do, even if it's not 100 perfect when you do. Think about people who say they want to do x, but they won't until they feel they have everything they need in place before they do. And because of that, many never do anything. That said, I took action this year, and created YouTube channel Himmarshee Street Live.

Being a news reporter has been my lifelong dream ever since the age of seven. I thought it was phenomenal to be able to be on television, reach people all over the world, and have them riveted to your every word. Reporters are far more powerful than actors and musicians. How so? you ask. What happens to your favorite television show or movie whenever a major news story emerges? Exactly! So to be able to garner that type of captive audience is definitely up there in terms of level of importance.

While I was out clubbing at night, I saw an untapped market, a niche that was somehow being overlooked-big time! I've been to fetish parties and vanilla events, and observed event photographers at both. Now, the hosts or owners hire them to photograph and film the guests. It's what happens to those photos and video afterward that matters most. I cannot say much more without tipping my hat or showing you what is up my sleeve. But the fetish parties got it right; the vanilla ones didn't. This is where I will come in like a pelican swooping down into the water to scoop up fish! hahaha!

As you read this, I am getting business cards made and a professional video introduction for the channel and its episodes. One thing I need your help with is subscribers. YouTube channels are only eligible for custom URL's if they have at least 100 subscribers. Such an example is one of my favorite custom URL's on there, So please subscribe to my channel to get me there. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Fetish Party

Baby, if you've wondered, wondered whatever became of me. I'm living on the air in Cincinnati. Cincinnati WKRP. It's really been a while since I blogged or updated. Actually, I have an update to post, but need to buy an external hard drive before I can do it. A number of ideas came to my mind within a brief span of time, so I was compelled to act upon them. Otherwise, they would go into the wishful thinking category. That is what Brian Tracy calls goals without actions taken--wishes. That said, I took action near the end of last year, wrote and published The Fetish Party: An Underworld of Energy, Excitement, Pleasure, and Pain.

Whenever something speaks to you as this book did, you must act upon it. There is no should. As Tony Robbins states, "should" needs to become "must". "Massive action is the key" is another phrase he uses. I actually published the book in December, and began giving out copies to my friends at the fetish parties. Luckily, one of my friends was an Executive Assistant. She found grammatical errors that even my proofreader on Fiverr didn't catch. My friend who helped me by writing the Foreword, mentioned he wanted to see more information about how to find the parties. Both of those were minor, so I took care of those with more Fiverr gig requests. My major issue was word spacing. It seemed that everyone [guys] provided me with poorly spaced PDF formats for upload to Createspace or Amazon. One woman actually came close to solving the issue, but not 100 percent. She went above and beyond, plus explained the issue to me, which was something the guys didn't. All of those were $5 gigs for the most part, maybe $10 at max depending on the situation. Finally, I ran across one woman was charged $30 and promised to get it right even if she had to stand on her head. Yes, she actually put that on her Fiverr page. I contacted her months ago, but never requested a gig because of the amount. Well, months later, I abandoned my ego, sought out her service, and she delivered!

That was all back end stuff. It was the front end stuff that frustrated me the most.

I contacted the model who was responsible for me discovering the fetish parties in the first place. That was Evilyn13, international model, DJ, and host of Sin City Fetish Night to be the cover model for the book. Unfortunately, it was busy season for her, as it was December. After that, I contacted another well-known international model, but she was hesitant to have her image associated with a fledgling, novice writer's work. That was understandable on both parts. Initially, I contacted J Holmes, one of the event photographers for advice. My idea was to do an outdoor shoot of some of the guests at the party before they went indoors. He raised valid issues about lighting, the background, and other factors. He suggested a studio or hotel shoot with one of the models he knew. That sounded good, except for the extra expenses beyond hiring the model. I wanted the best bang for my buck because. No way was I going to sink a huge chunk of money into the shoot only to have the book bomb. That was terrible ROI. One of the models he suggested was an elusive one. We rarely saw her anymore, and her contact info was out of date. He suggested another, and she was one who had been on my radar for a while. But I needed to buy low and sell high. The manuscript was complete, I just needed cover images. I opted to go with stock photos for the front cover and back. The $29 I paid to for access to its gigantic stock photo database was right up my alley.

Now that the manuscript was complete and I had images for it, the next steps were to get it proofread again and get the manuscript converted for upload. I fought with Amazon's beta test for paperback publishing until I got it right. Online, the book looked perfect, but in my hands, it had word spacing issues. Eventually, I abandoned Amazon for Createspace. I admit, I preferred the Amazon cover look and feel compared to the Createspace look and feel. But after all I had been through to finally get everything right, I stayed with Createspace.

That was one of the things that kept me away. I also produced and published a business book, but need to get it's spacing fixed. But that was not all. My final projects are to start a forum dedicated to frustrated employees and to start a nightlife-dedicated YouTube channel. That latter involves obtaining a film permit and insurance, insurance, insurance. Oh yeah, and a serious investment in a camera and gear that will produce high quality video. So right now, I am following Robert Kiyosaki's sage advice about FOCUS [Follow One Course Until Successful]. Once one idea takes off, I will go to the next, and then the next, and the one after it.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring Break Safari on South Beach with FootClubTV

Alright, before you jump all over me for nicking the term made famous by GoodGuyNeighbor (GGN aka Guy) of California Beach Feet for his shoots, allow me to preface the reason for it. During the fourth week of college/university spring break [this year there were seven weeks] FootClubTV came to do his first spring break shoot. He had never shot on a beach during spring break, just areas local to him. Some of the most successful people know if you want to get better at something, the key is to fail and fail fast. So if there was one place he was surely going to get his practice and hone his skills, it would be South Beach. This was a location that even Neil Strauss aka Style, author of the world famous book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists heard was difficult.

A safari is not the field trip one would imagine. If you ever saw a National Geographic or Nature safari documentary, you would understand. It takes preparation, both mental and physical. I prepped him about the locations and what he could expect, but that was just the beginning. He made sure to do due diligence on his part. Another reason I used the term "safari" was because I thought I was with Guy himself! That actually happened three years ago at the last Exxxotica event ever held in Florida. He channeled Guy almost completely: fedora hat, sunglasses, button down dress shirt, cargo shorts, and an added twist, boat shoes! Anyone who saw him would bet money he lived there. He had the attire, but beyond that, he had the mindset to make it happen. However, he lacked something that would lend him even more credibility as a South Beach photographer who during spring break was more interested in shooting stills and video of girls feet than of t & a-professional camera equipment. Before we met up, I told him to come with a fresh memory card because he would need it. The reason, he thought, was obvious. But I had something else in mind.

During his previous visit when I invited him to come to the Florida Renaissance Festival with a group of my friends, he showed me the cameras he used for stills and video. Everybody starts somewhere. As Brandon White of Buff Dudes mentioned Everybody Starts Small. I began with film cameras which were used or refurbished. I shot video with a 1.3 mega pixel camera that had no audio. Back then, 32MB SD cards were expensive. 64MB and 128MB could clean you out. And let's not get started on 256MB and 512MB King Kong and Godzilla size prices! You would be astonished to know what Guy used during his very first safaris. They were a fraction, of a fraction, of a fraction of the $5K+ cameras he uses now. So unless you were gifted with a silver spoon, you make due with what you have, and then upgrade as you progress. I had several professional cameras, and loaned him one for the day. I let him know to give it a go to become familiar with it. If he didn't like the feel or performance, then he could use his own camera. His camera made appearances for video only, not for stills. It was the final part of the persona and package needed to be successful that day, and it received compliments from girls he met.

There were college and university students, tourists, and locals everywhere. We had lots of ground to cover: Alton Road, Washington Avenue, Lincoln Road, Lincoln Road Mall, Collins Avenue, and Ocean Drive-the heart of South Beach. In his words at Ren Fest, "There is so much potential." I decided we should not trip over one another for shoot subjects. Think of the movie "A Beautiful Mind". When everyone goes for the blonde, no one gets her.

This strategy worked out perfectly. FootClubTV was like a stork skimming the water for fish! I marveled at how well he did. Sometimes he would disappear from my sight. When I found him in the distance, all I saw was that hat perched on top of his head, as he sat and conversed with one or more young ladies. Sometimes the conversations were extremely long. I wondered if they made table reservations! He was a natural at it. He didn't let their looks intimidate him. It also didn't phase him when people were able to hear their conversations. He knew how intuitive women were, far more than men. That meant, if he acted as if what he did was weird or worthy of shame, they would pick up that vibe, think it was too and decline. The conversation would be over as soon as it started. He also knew if he saw women who interested him, he had to be in the moment and act then and there [Three Second Rule]. Businesswoman, executive coach, motivational speaker, radio show host, and former defense attorney Mel Robbins found through research most actions on our part need to occur within five seconds. After that, we will get into our heads and make all kinds of excuses for not taking the action. She wrote a book titled The 5 Second Rule. If you want to truly understand the reason we sabotage, or as she put it in a TEDx Talks speech, screw ourselves, watch this Impact Theory interview she did with Tom Bilyeu, the co-founder of Quest Nutrition.

Another reason he was so driven to succeed in this foreign environment was because he burned the boats by driving five hours! Failure was not an option he wanted to experience that day. The only thing that stopped him was nature itself when it rained, and many beach goers left the water and sand in droves. Those not under the awnings of the hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs sought shelter, meaning shooting on Ocean Drive was a wrap.

During the drive back, he came up with the idea to do his podcast with me. He thought of it the first time he was here, but we didn't get an opportunity for it. This time was perfect. We were both in the mood to debrief about everything. It began to really pour down, but that didn't slow our roll. Our podcast was over an hour long, so he will segment it once he uploads it. I requested he send me a copy for my blog.

He credits much of his success to me as his mentor and jedi master. But that day, I was his student. We can all learn more. And when we learn more, we grow more. Be sure to visit FootClubTV's highly popular Instgram page to see the results of the Spring Break Safari on South Beach.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Aubry

It's almost unimaginable that as awesome as some people are, sometimes, you don't directly notice them until someone else does. Once that happens, you may get it in your mind as to how to meet them. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this. Ever heard of six degrees of separation? The concept is anything or anyone is is merely six people or less away from you by way of introduction. My social circle worked for me in that manner. I stressed it many times that reputation is key in many things in life, especially when it comes to such taboo things as fetish. So thanks to my stellar reputation and my social circle, that was how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Aubry.

Some months ago, I was at a fetish party, and saw an interesting-looking guy standing off to himself. I am a huge fan of the Anime "Claymore". So when I saw he was dressed in renaissance warrior attire, and had a huge wooden sword on his back, I had to meet him. Come to find out, it was his first party. He was also a self-proclaimed former extrovert turned introvert. It usually goes the other way around, but I'm not judging. I introduced him to my group of friends so he wouldn't have to be solo. I saw his potential, and didn't want him to squander it. During the party, one girl in particular caught his attention. She was dressed as a bunny, had blue hair, and wore black flats. He really wanted to meet her, but found her friend group intimidating, mainly it's alpha/dominant who was resembled The Kingpin from Marvel Comics! Finally, he saw his opportunity to meet her when she went the the outside part of the venue. He told me he would tell her he was hunting wabbits, and show her his sword. GTFOH!!! There was no way that would work! She may not have ever heard Elmer Fudd utter those words, let alone ever saw a vintage Looney  Toons cartoon. Well...he went with it, and BLAM!!! She totally blew him out of the water, right? Wrong. It worked like a charm! I told you I saw his potential.... He channeled his inner extrovert, and made a new friend--Aubry. She later told me she gave him eyes earlier, but he didn't act on it. The best pickup artists know it's not what you say, but how you say it. And if you see someone who interests you, say something--say anything. Otherwise, you will kick yourself for not making the attempt. Also, you may very well miss out on someone who finds you as interesting as you find them, as was the case that night.

I hadn't noticed Aubry until he did. My focus shifted to her flats, of course. She became more interesting simply because my new buddy found her interesting. After that night, I rather looked forward to seeing her, which I did. Skip ahead to later parties, and lo and behold, we are back at the venue where they first met. I already had lots of fun that night. But there was always room for jello. Aubry was sitting in a corner of the club, giving a friend a much needed neck rub. I said my hello's and offered her friend a foot rub to go with her neck rub. She declined, then suddenly, a really cool friend who was doing a scene, vouched for me. He was one of those guys who all the women loved. You could tell he was one of the popular kids growing up. So his seal of approval is all you need to get in the door. But once inside, don't say or do anything that will get you kicked out. Capiche?

Aubry went to take off her flats, but I let her know that was my job. Oh, wow! When I took off the first one and sniffed it, the odor that hit my nose was a powerful one! So powerful, that I had to take a few more whiffs because I thought I was dreaming, or something! Her feet were acrid, even in fishnets. I truly enjoyed the crisp odor of her feet. This was going to be one amazing foot rub with some foot worship added. Aubry told me later that I was the first to massage and worship her high-arched, wide size 9.5-10 feet at the parties, but not the first to offer. As Unicron told Megatron in "Transformers: The Movie", "It pleases me to be the first".

We met again in between that and another party. Dressed as a kitten, she invited me to be a second pair of hands for the foot rub she was already getting after wearing sky high, red, platform peep-toe heels that night. I saw the fellow who was with her, and recognized him as The Phantom of the Opera who liked feet. Once before, I saw him giving a beautiful blonde a foot rub, and when I asked if I could sniff her shoe, he signaled no to me. We foot guys don't like sharing because it's a very intimate moment for us. The rest of the world no longer exists; it's just us and the person in front of us who is receiving our full attention. So I told her I didn't want to spoil his fun, and moved along. She went to look for me later, but couldn't find me. Knowing me, I was probably involved with another pair of exquisite feet.

All of this was a precursor for even better things to come! One night, at a party, my sword-carrying friend and I ran into her. She was dressed as a Hufflepuff kitten and Catholic schoolgirl. After a few hours, her feet began to ache, so she went to look for me. It must have been serious because she grabbed my hand, offered me a drink at bar [I declined because I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking], and led me to the upper VIP area. Usually, that area was off limits to us, but recently became available. Actually, it was our sword-carrying friend who told the rest of us and showed it to us. It later became our favorite hang out spot! Upstairs, I worshiped Aubry's stinky flats before taking them off to get a blast from their insoles. Tonight, I found out her feet were ticklish. This was news to me! Good news. It's always fun to make a girl endure the irritation of tickling if she wants the pleasures of a foot rub and foot worship! And I didn't let her fishnets deter me in the least. Our mutual friend joined us, and then a girl neither of us knew. Aubry invited her to sit on the couch with her. Her name was Ashley, and she wanted some relief from her boots. I'd handled two pairs of feet at once before, so this was nothing new. Once again, I encountered fishnets, so I made the best of it. During that time, I told Aubry I wanted her to do the honor of being one of my foot models. She was flattered, and felt as if she was the privileged one instead of me. We figured on shooting the following month, which we did.

Aubry came with a friend who was also in the scene. If only they'd dressed opposite because Aubry came sans t-shirt and jeans. She had an outdoor festival look. It ended up working out because she had tattoos on her legs and on one foot. Fans of tatted or inked girls will like that. We had fun, but I kept it easy because it was her first shoot. Just because she knows fetish, doesn't mean she knows my fetish, and vice versa. There are two expressions we use in the fetish community, YKINMK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink) YKINMKBYKIOK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is OK). I made sure to tickle her feet, which she hated, but endured to get some foot worship. I introduced her to some light role play for that part. We all had fun! Next time, we will kick it up a notch or two!

Friday, August 26, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Russian Doll

At a party, you never know who sees you having fun, and wants to be part of it. You also never know who knows what you are about, and wants to be part of it. Well, I've been to a number of Fetish Factory parties, and there is a "power couple" who everyone loves, and they reciprocate in kind. I call them a power couple for two reasons. One, they are established and very popular with everyone they know. And those who don't know them, can easily observe this. Two, they are both into fitness. The husband is a powerhouse, and actually a former competitive powerlifter. Powerlifting is different from bodybuilding. The former is to build strength, the other to build size. So I'm someone they knew, but indirectly. As I said, they are friendly with everyone. The husband always greeted me at the parties whenever he saw me. I never really got to meet his wife because she was usually being adored by a mass of people. Then one night, he asked me if I was "the foot guy". I told him I was, and that is how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Russian Doll.

I guess word got to him that I did foot fetish shoots. He told me he didn't know if his wife had the feet for it. I didn't know either because she had no foot specific pictures on her page or his page. Then one day, she posted a picture of her posing her feet with a new pair of black, peep-toe, platform stilettos. I got an idea from that. There was the fact that she was Russian. Now in my experience, mostly all the Russian women I shot had amazing feet with high arches. So I put typed out the details of the shoot and the attire needed, and went from there. We arranged a day to shoot, and all was set...or so we thought.

As I stated earlier, they are well-known and very popular. The day we were to shoot, they had a product shoot to do. Commercial shoots are anything but brief. Even a photographer shooting a glass of wine and the wine bottle can take forever. I saw an example of that on YouTube; the setup itself was a time consumer! Their one-hour-shoot lasted a few hours, and they both felt as if they were hostages, and the photographer's weapon was his camera! hahaha! When Russian Doll sent me a text to tell me what was happening, I laughed almost uncontrollably! I thought her husband was the comedian. He was funny; she was hilarious! We ended up rescheduling our shoot.

The day finally came. worries, it was only the next weekend. I didn't know how her husband was going to fit inside my apartment. The crazy thing was he told me he used to be bigger! WTH???!!! That is like King Kong saying he used to be bigger, but he lost weight after he no longer had to fight other giant monsters on Skull Island. Russian Doll came dressed sexy, so I told her she had to dial that down--way down! She was more than prepared. We picked her first outfit, and her husband picked her second one. Like me, he enjoys dressing his woman. While she got dressed, I showed him the 2015 Arnold Strongman Classic video which debuted the new Rogue Elephant Bar, specifically for the deadlift competition. He had never heard of the bar, but was familiar with the Arnold Classic because some of his clients participated, and he would have to put them back together afterward. Russian Doll came out afterward, and our shoot went great! Unlike the commercial shoot, we kept it on time, and also made it very fun for both of them! She had a fantastic time, and looked forward to another shoot. That made three of us, her husband included!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Brittney

The middle of June, my friend who helps me recruit girls did it again. There was a tall, athletic girl who had lots of energy and a good, upbeat attitude, that stood out to me. I don't know how he does his thing, but he is very good at it. Too bad he is married, or he would really go on a rampage! He approached her about it, and during her break, she went to the restroom, and sent two pictures of her feet to his phone. They were amazing to say the least! And that was how I met our newest everyday girl Brittney.

He gave me the message that she was down for the shoot, and wanted to know when she could do it. I told him in July, then met her personally, and told her the same. She was about to go on vacation [good and bad], and said July would be a better month for her. So she went, and came back home. I text her to let her know I was ready, but received no reply. One thing I know is not to be needy when it comes to women, so I left it at that. Whenever he would see her, he would ask about the shoot, and she told him she would still do it. At this point, both of us thought she flaked. He had another one ready to shoot, but someone got to her, and she balked. So we had to play it cool with Brittney. I told him to let her be, and I would text her one last time about it. This time [August], she replied, and we arranged a shoot day. Here is where the good and bad that I mentioned comes into the picture.

She came over after she went home from work to get her other pair of shoes. Unfortunately, she had no flats, which she told me she had originally. There was also another bomb she dropped, but much earlier. During her vacation, she lost the sport trainer sneakers I saw her wear one night. She must have really enjoyed herself for that to happen! OK, she caught an Uber over to my place, and all was good. Oh man, she had a pair of Vans that blasted my nose really good. She dreaded holding one of her shoes over my nose for my scrapbook photo. hahaha!

Brittney was a natural toe wiggler, and had incredibly high arches, which were totally natural. I could tell she had high arches from her pictures, although she shot them from the tops view. My friend told me he saw her slip her foot out of a sneaker one day, and he could see she had really high arches even though she was wearing socks. We had a fantastic shoot. I entertained her with some Uncle Drew and Spiderman basketball videos on YouTube. Uncle Drew had her totally fooled. Brittney had no idea who he really was. She was also digging the electronic dance music (EDM) I was playing during the shoot. I have to keep her info because it would be really fun to have her come back again!

Monday, August 08, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Tracie

Way back in March this year, it was Spring Break. As many of you know, I love to hit the beach for random candid stills and video. As I began my trip, I saw a group of career college students, and two stood out from the bunch. It led to a funny, but short story, but that was how I met our newest everyday girl Tracie.

I decided to wait until the girls came out so I could approach them about the shoot. As I waited, another girl came across the street, and went inside the store. I took note of her, but she was not on my radar. When the girls came out, I casually walked over to them to tell them about the shoot. They were interested, and Tracie told me her toes weren't done, then kicked off one of her moccasins to show me. Hey, anytime a girl outright shows her feet, it's a sign that she is down for it. I was about to explain further when the girl who was not on my radar, came out, and played mama bear. She got the girls in a rushed state, and said they all needed to get back to class. Mind you, she was the same as they were, but her personality type was the determining factor. They all fled across the street, and I saw my chances slip away. So I rushed behind them, and gave cards to one of the two girls I most wanted to shoot, which ended up being Tracie.

A few months later, I got a text from Tracie, asking if I still wanted to shoot. I didn't know which girl she was because mama bear didn't allow for any introductions. It surprised me to find out she was the one who kicked off her shoe. We arranged a day to shoot. She told me she was pregnant, but that wasn't new for me. I'd shot Coles and Tori while they were pregnant. Unfortunately, I never got to see who came out of their ovens. But whoever they were, they had two beautiful and fun mothers.

Tracie came over with her friend--the one who I wanted to shoot more than any of them. Yes! Tracie was full of energy and had no issue with her stomach showing. In fact, she wore a shirt to specifically allow it to show. She said she wanted some pregnancy pictures, so that was her way to do it. I admit, at first, I thought it was a bad idea. But as we shot, I saw the artistic beauty in it. If a girl is made up, and shows her stomach while in term, it can look phenomenal! Her friend acted as creative director. I wasn't sure how much Tracie could do, so I took it easy on her. Thanks to her friend, she floored me by getting into positions and moving in ways I couldn't imagine!

It goes without saying that we had a really good shoot. I entertained them with current music and music videos. And I introduced them to EDM, which Tracie really liked. Her friend did too. Tracie was a first timer to all of this, and never had any shoe or foot worship. I eased her into the latter by kissing her soles and toes as a reward. If I see her again, then I'll introduce her to toe sucking. One step at a time, and baby steps, no pun intended. Her friend wanted to shoot the next day, but I was so behind on editing, that I had to reschedule. Tracie said it intrigued her friend when I told her I'd see her later, but then turned her down for the next day. I told Tracie that her friend could've been first, but she was sheepish. So as a result, Tracie got the first shoot, and she will have to wait a while. Yeah, you have to be a jerk sometimes, but girls are used to it. Heck, many of them like it!

When I text Tracie to let her know I was ready for her friend, her phone was off, and stayed off for weeks. Luckily, another of their friends text me the day I shot with Tracie, and said she wanted to shoot. I agreed, and asked her to let Tracie know I was trying to reach her. Some days later, Tracie called me using the other girl's phone. She said she would have her friend call me, but I haven't heard from her yet. I think I know what this is. The girl whose phone is in service wants to make sure I don't skip her. So I don't get the friend unless I get her too. Man, girls can be shrewish and cunning big time because they school each other on this type of stuff. It's all one big game between guys and girls. If you want to win, you have to play. And unless you have certain given advantages, you need to practice--a lot. So on!