Friday, July 15, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Princess Mishima

You may want to go back one post and read about how I met the "antlers girl" Lola Bella because it ties into this post. This shoot came from seeing two of the most beautiful girls playing at a Fetish Factory party one night. The one getting flogged was a tall, brunette who was probably the most beautiful girl at the party! I dubbed her the "antlers girl" because she wore a sexy outfit and antlers. Once I finally found the elusive "antlers girl", I also found her stunning friend Princess Mishima, who did the flogging. And now she is our newest everyday girl.

Princess Mishima was with Lola Bella and a group of friends. They all went inside a play room away from the rest of the crowd. The party was at a strip club, so there were many play rooms available, as well as many voyeurs. That was all I saw. I totally missed their flogging play. Well, the room became crowded, so Princess Mishima went to wander around the club. She was dressed in a very sexy, green latex catsuit with red and white military stripes, and black stiletto pumps. I approached her and mentioned how her feet must hurt from wearing those shoes, then offered her a foot massage. I had set up shop in a corner of the club. There was a chair and a table with a candle on it. And I had one of my famous foot massage signs posted on a mirror behind the chair. She came right along with me, and we both had a great time. She mentioned how much she loved to have her feet worshiped. It was more than apparent too because she became dominant with me farther into the foot massage.

As I said, I found Lola Bella first and contacted her to shoot. And when I did, I saw one of the party pictures, and there was the scene I missed. Fortunately, she named Princess Mishima in the picture, so I contacted her too. The day Lola Bella and I shot, Princess Mishima called to go over the shoot details. I had to call her back because I don't take calls while I shoot. We talked later, and agreed to a day for her to come.

It was a crazy day for her prior to the shoot because she came by train, and the GPS information made her get off one stop before the right one. She got on the next train, and then everything was good. We had an awesome shoot, and even got to do an outfit and shoes change. I'd definitely shoot with her again. It is fantastic when you get to meet people who are into the same things as you, and then you all make magic happen from it!


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