Thursday, July 14, 2016

One New Everday Girl - Lola Bella

None of my random approaches came to fruition. The last one was with a 5'10 blonde I met at Wal-Mart late one night. She said she modeled, and was in need of a pedicure for her size 10 feet. She had designs on her toes, had an eye catching top, and was very busty. So I gathered she must be in "the industry" in some way, shape, or form. I got her number, and waited for her to call. When she didn't, I text her. Just when I was going to actually call her, I dropped my phone, and the battery fell out of it. When I got it to turn on again, the android appeared, and was holding a revolving, Tron like sphere. I knew that couldn't be good. Come to find out, I lost nearly all of my contact, and every single one of my texts. About 2-3 months later, she text me out of the blue to shoot. We set a day, and she flaked. I gave her a few days, text her to reschedule, she agreed, and flaked again. This shoot, however, came from seeing two of the most beautiful girls playing at a Fetish Factory party one night. The one getting flogged was a tall, brunette who was probably the most beautiful girl at the party! I dubbed her the "antlers girl" because she wore a sexy outfit and antlers. Once I finally found the elusive "antlers girl", I also found her stunning friend Princess Mishima, who did the flogging, and is next on Planet of the Arches. I contacted "antlers girl", and that was how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Lola Bella.

As unusual as it sounds, I met Princess Mishima before I met Lola Bella. She and her friends were in one of the many private rooms used for play. Actually, the rooms are truly only private when the strip club the party takes place is open for regular business. There are lots of voyeurs at these parties, looking for the most interesting or intense play scenes. The room they were in became crowded so Princess Mishima went to wander the party alone. You will have to read my blog post about her to find out what happened; this post is about Lola Bella.

Lola Bell and I didn't meet in person until we shot. However, I saw her a few more times at the parties. I didn't want to interrupt her fun to talk business, even though it's really fun business. There is a time and place for everything. So finally, the day of our shoot came, and she was more than fully prepared for it. She had so many worn, abused shoes, and the exact outfits I requested. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do her workout gear, or switch to a second outfit because we had so much fun with what she came through the door wearing. So next time for that. Count on it!

Lola Bella was even more amazing in person than in her regular pictures. I told her how the name I dubbed her with, and she laughed. I'd seen her feet in pictures, but to see them up close for the first was awesome! Her thick big toes and high arches were exquisite, and I was surprised she had wide feet because she was slender and lithe. All in all, her feet were practically perfect! Lola Bella was definitely a rare one. In addition to wanting to shoot more outfits, my other want was for her to have dark polish on her toes. I figured she still had the polish on I saw in her pictures, but she changed it. Perhaps I should have requested it, or at least asked about it ahead of time. Regardless of those things, we had a phenomenal shoot. We definitely look forward to doing another to finish what we started!


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