Monday, September 05, 2011

Three New Everyday Girls

I met Priscilla and her friend Tia at a bus terminal. They got a ride there, and were on their way to class. There was no way I was going to let these girls take off on me without me approaching them. It was easy to determine Tia was the vocal one of the two, so I told her about what I did while Priscilla listened intently. It didn't take Priscilla long to figure out I was into feet. After that, she was the one who suggested both of them come over the next day to shoot. As always, I told them they could bring someone with them [so they would feel safe, if needed]. After I shot them, I found out not only did they bring someone, but they brought someone who wanted to shoot. I thought Michelle was just their ride because she drove the car that dropped them off at the bus terminal. Michelle was already cute, but man, once I got a good look at her feet, she went from cute to pretty! One thing that is cool about these friends is they are able to wear each others shoes. You can see Tia, Priscilla, and Michelle in the August 20, 2011 update.


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